Coffee Talk - Episode 1

Coffee Talk - Episode 1

Thank you to Anitta from for being my first guest on my Life in Alberta Coffee Talk series. We talked crystals and self-healing. Anitta gave information on 10 healing crystals from Amazonite to Tiger’s Eye! Check out her website and all the wonderful products she has to offer! I hope to have her return and discuss more about crystals, meditation and her work as a Reiki Master! Thank you Anitta for your time educating me and the viewers.

If you are a small business or entrepreneur please reach out to me via the form in the Contact link above. I would love to interview you and discuss your small independent business or venture in Alberta, and possibly add you as a guest on the Coffee Talk series on the Life in Alberta YouTube channel.

If you haven't already seen the video, here's a link.  Enjoy!

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