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Welcome to Rohatyn Media!

An all-in-one website dedicated to my YouTube channels, blogs and educational materials.

A Little About Me

I have lived in Alberta, Canada  for over 40 years and after 31 years of teaching grade 9-12 Social Studies in rural Alberta I have ventured into creating content revolving around a variety of my interests.

I enjoy creating content revolving around various subjects.

  • Learning With Mr. R

    (launching early 2024)

    A series of videos and tutorials geared toward the High School Social Studies Curriculum.

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  • Life In Alberta

    A series of videos covering Albertan events, communities and day to day living experiences (sports, finances, consumerism, nature, etc).

    Life In Alberta 
  • Simulation Gaming Digital Realities

    A Youtube channel covering various apps and games that involve simulating different events and analyzing outcomes.

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